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PLEASE REVIEW THE INFO BELOW Essay 2- Research paper Part 1:After reading the prompt below carefully for Essay 2 pick at


Essay 2-
Research paper Part 1:

After reading the prompt below carefully for Essay 2 pick at least 3 possible topics for your research paper. List the topics in this course activity. 
Then under each topic list the following:

1. Why you chose this topic

2. What would be your argument

3. What would be the counterargument


Research Paper Guidelines
Late research papers will not be accepted.

Research Paper Instructions:

Select 3 research question. Then wait for you instructor to approve one of your topics. This question will serve as the topic that you will explore and center on throughout your research.

Then, prepare an essay of argumentation that focuses on some aspect of the issue. Remember—
you must take a position about this issue and you MUST include a clear claim that centers on
your position. Place the claim as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.
Your research project essay will need to be between eight (full) to ten pages in length.
You must address an issue that has at least two sides (email me for topics if you’re not
Effectively address the rhetorical situation – audience, purpose, context
articulate a clear position regarding the issue and argue that position with logical reasons
adequately develop the argument using credible support (research)
acknowledge the opposing viewpoints and employ counterargument or concession
identify and explain the assumptions, contexts, and consequences of the various
Utilize at least 10 credible sources – from scholarly databases, books, etc. (no
google .com sources)
MLA formatting
Read and carefully follow all of the guidelines for MLA on the purdue OWL website.

You will need to incorporate 10 outside sources (Note: does not constitute
a source. into the essay—use paraphrase and/or direct quotations). From these sources at
least 4 need to be books and the rest may be database articles, documentaries, etc.
You will need a Works Cited page at the end of your essay that includes the 8 – 10
Follow these style specifics:
o Only write in third person
o Do not use contractions
o Follow all MLA guidelines

Your research will be for the following reasons:
To establish background or preliminary information.
To support an assertion with facts, statistics, or professional information.
To exemplify an idea with testimony, examples, and the like.
To support the claim
Select a topic that you will enjoy researching and writing about
Read and explore this topic carefully—what are the positions already expressed about
this issue?
Select a specific position that you will assert in your claim. This will be a working claim
that can evolve with your research and growing understanding of your topic.
Begin prewriting activities (i.e., brainstorming to find out everything you already know
about this topic, asking questions, further researching this topic)
Research extensively: include citations or paraphrases. Vary your resources. Do not
depend solely on Internet resources—points will be deducted for not using other
resources such as books, handbooks, journal articles.
Limit web resources to those that include one of these suffixes: edu, .gov., or .org
(unbiased). For any other Internet resources, discuss with me before using.
Wikipedia is not an acceptable website for this paper.
Other guidelines:
For this paper you must use at least 10 outside sources (Note: does not
count as a source).
A clear claim needs to be composed
Present at least three reasons to show the logic of your position. Develop each reason
Write in third person (he, she, him, her, his, hers, they, their, them, etc.) NO first or
second person.
Works Cited—this is part of the document and should appear as the last page of the
document. Document the sources and place in alphabetical order

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