SOPHIA PATHWAYS Introduction to Business Final Milestone 100%

Discipline: Business Studies

Type of Paper: Question-Answer

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 1000


Select the item below that illustrates push marketing.


A manager helped one of his team leaders resolve an issue he was having with the new online performance appraisal system their company implemented.

Which management skill is described in this scenario?


As the human resource manager, Karen worked with the finance manager to advise him on the steps to follow in terminating a poorly performing employee.

Which phase of Human Resource Management below does this scenario describe?


Raul owned a small graphic design business. He used 3-D software and computers to create animations for his clients.

Which factor of production do the computers represent?


Which of the following is an example of recency error in performance appraisals?


Which of the following is a disadvantage of a sole proprietorship?


Which of the following companies is more likely to use a loan secured by inventory for its short term financing?


Which of the following is true regarding a mixed market economy?


Sophie led a team developing a social responsibility program for her company. The team created a program to raise money for a local food bank charity.

Which of the following activities would NOT have been performed during the planning step for the program?


A US based company manufactures and sells custom motor homes. All engine parts are made in Michigan, and the tires are made in Virginia. The computer system is made in China. The leather for all seating is made in Italy. The carpet and wood flooring are made in Pennsylvania.

Select the item below that is an import to the US.


Preston was assigned a project by his supervisor. He was already overloaded with work, but he decided to do it himself rather than giving some of the tasks to his employees. He did not want his supervisor to realize his staff could handle the same level of tasks as he could.

Which of the following is true about Preston's delegation efforts?


A large home improvement retail chain planned to expand its business to include several stores focused on high-end home furnishings and fixtures. The management knew the chosen financing option would be more expensive to administer and take more time to arrange. However, the company felt it could benefit from the longer repayment period of at least 20 years. 

Which of the following types of financing did the company use?


Which of the following is an example of a short term goal for a business that provides cable TV services?


Which of the following products is likely considered to be in the growth phase of the product life cycle?


Which of the following describes a functional strategy?


Which of the following correctly describes the market value of a stock?


Which of the following correctly describes short term financing?


Sarah owned a small business that made custom handbags and totes for women, but her business failed.

If Sarah was constantly shopping for supplies, stocking the work room and sewing bags—instead of overseeing business operations—her failure can be attributed to which type of mismanagement?


Which of the following is true about marketing?


An appliance maker determined many of their competitors were leading the market for one of their products. The company had experienced a continuous loss in sales over the past year.

Which of the following phases of the product lifecycle does this illustrate?


Natalie managed the development of a new software for a technology company. She evaluated the feedback she obtained from clients who had purchased the software. Natalie used the feedback to help make product updates and fixes for all customers.

Which of the steps of the management process below does this illustrate?


A software company made a new game. The company first determined all males would be interested in the game but then narrowed their focus to all teenage boys interested in martial arts games.

Which of the following does this scenario illustrate?


Which statement describes a savings and loan association?


A manufacturer used raw materials and equipment to create flower pots to sell to gardening supply stores.

Which of the following types of good would the raw materials and equipment be considered?


Which of the following must a company do to effectively use technology in its marketing efforts?