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Need help with a questionWeek 3 (Due ASAP)This week you will use information from the previous weeks to complete the BCC Information

Need help with a question

Week 3 (Due ASAP)

This week you will use information from the previous weeks to
complete the BCC Information Security Budget. The chief information security officer (CISO) is tasked with developing a budget to reduce costs and security risks.  

Part 1

Create a 4- to 5-page BCC Enterprise Information Security Organizational Budget in Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel® that includes at least three of the identified information security initiatives. The BCC Enterprise Information Security Budget must include the following:

· Description of the BCC information security department

· Current situation

· Personnel

· Operational situation

· Operating budget

· Future requirements

· Summary of the information security initiatives planned for implementation, including any additional hardware/software purchases (including financial management tools), personnel, and training requirements

· Estimated schedule for the planned implementation of information security objectives

· Estimated annual operating budget for the next five years


Part 2

Create a 7- to 9-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on a budget plan for an intrusion prevention system (IPS). The purpose of the budget plan is to provide a recommendation to senior leadership on the costs associated with implementing the IPS software. The IPS budget plan should include the following:

· Title slide

· Summary of the initiative and product

· Cost-benefit analysis (CBA)

· Total cost of ownership (TCO)

· Return on investment (ROI)

· Solution alternatives (if any)

· Recommendation

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