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In a 500-word essay, please describe what experiences have motivated and prepared you to complete your degree at the NYU SPS Division of Applied

In a 500-word essay, please describe what experiences have motivated and prepared you to complete your degree at the NYU SPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies. In addition, please address one of the following questions below and include it in your response:

· What led you to decide on the degree program that you are applying to? (Program BS in Leadership and Management Studies with concentration in Human Resource Management) Describe how this choice fits into your personal, academic, and professional trajectory. What opportunities do you plan on pursuing upon graduation? 

Some notes about me for the essay hoping to help: I worked in the Human Resources department of the largest department store in NYC (Macy’s). During my time there I found an interest in the Human Resources field and am now currently a Practice Manager for a veterinary hospital which my days consist of managing hospital staff, staffing, and other managerial duties. Hoping to stay the veterinary field after graduation but want work on the Talent Acquisition or HR side of vet med.

· Provide an example from your past educational or professional experience that helps us get a sense of who you are as a learner and your demonstrated ability to see projects to completion.

I have always excelled when it came to learning new things, ie. I had no veterinary experience when working my first vet job as a client care coordinator at a veterinary hospital, however because of my eagerness to learn, the veterinarians heavily relied on me when they needed things done. Same as my first Human Resources job at Macy’s no experience whatsoever but because of the eagerness to learn, I ended up being able to join the management team and assist in interviews and hiring. Lastly, my current position as a Practice Manager in a veterinary hospital, I started as a client care coordinator and was able to prove my experience with managing and human resource background and was promoted 2 months after I was hired. Working with two brand new business owners has its challenges but we’ve been able to continue learning through our experiences as the hospital continues to grow.

· Provide an example of a time when you overcame a challenge or obstacle trying something new. What steps did you take to be successful? How did you secure the support that you needed?

My current position as Practice Manager at a veterinary hospital with two new business owners was definitely a challenge. They had no experience in managing a business or even starting a business! But this was all new to me too! Because I wanted the business and I to excel, I decided to take online courses to make sure the hospital was up to code and I attended veterinary conferences to make sure the hospital caught up on all new products and services. My employers supported me emotionally and financially while we were all trying to navigate this new territory as new business owners and practice manager. 

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