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Manifesto Reflection





Answer the following questions in a multi-paragraph reflection that is at least 500 words. Each of the seven question sets below should be its own paragraph. You should number each paragraph in your manifesto reflection. 

1. What is your relationship, relational credibility, or characteristics that make you someone credible to write about your manifesto? In other words, if someone were to ask you why you are allowed to talk about what you discussed in your manifesto as it relates to your identity, what would you say?

2. Which rhetorical modes do you think you used in your manifesto (e.g., narration, description, etc.)? Whatever rhetorical modes you used, explain where/when you used them in your manifesto?

3. Why did you decide to include the topics that you included in your manifesto? Who is your intended audience for your manifesto? What tone, mood, or persona were you hoping to convey with your manifesto? In other words, if someone were to read your manifesto aloud, how do you envision it being read (e.g., loud and proud, firm but gentle, something else)? After reading or hearing your manifesto, what do you hope people will express or change about the topics you discussed in your manifesto? What do you think the response or reactions to your manifesto would be by your intended audience? 

4. Who is your manifesto not intended for and why? 

5. Pretend that it is ten years from now. How has the world changed now that people have followed the insights of your manifesto? Now that the world has shifted in that way, what might you need to add or take away from your manifesto given that the world has changed in that way?

6. Now, back in this year, what do you wish you could anticipate about how this manifesto will be used? 

7. Do you have anything else that you would like to share as part of your reflection about your manifesto?

Submission Guidelines: Submit a .docx or .pdf file in 

MLA format
 that contains your manifesto reflection. This assignment should be at least 500 words long (approximately 2 pages long when double-spaced). You may write more than two pages if you need to.

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