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Eleanor Paper 1 Chapters: 1-6 Consider what you know of Eleanor’s social life thus far. Then, discuss (a) the types of relationships

Eleanor Paper 1

Chapters: 1-6

Consider what you know of Eleanor’s social life thus far. Then, discuss (a) the types of relationships that Eleanor appears to have (i.e., who are the people that she interacts with regularly, and what kind of relationship is each?) and (b) how does Eleanor embody or not embody the concepts of loneliness and social isolation? You should incorporate what we’ve discussed in class (draw from our discussion of relationship types and our discussion of the de Jong Gierveld et al. piece).
This paper, more than your subsequent Eleanor papers, will require definitions of concepts.

**Note that I am not interested in a
summary of Eleanor’s relationships or interactions, nor do I want you to attempt to explain why Eleanor behaves the way that she does. You should focus on finding similarities and differences between things in the Eleanor book and your readings. You may use examples, but they should be used to illustrate course concepts, not replace them.

You may not use Generative AI technology (e.g., Claude, ChatGPT) to help you write this paper (using Grammarly
for proofreading is fine). DO NOT USE QUOTATIONS from either your readings or the Honeyman book, and
do not cite anything that you did not personally read for this class.

Some suggestions:

· Fully define a concept (with citations) before you introduce an example from Eleanor.

· If you find yourself using phrases such as “this could be because,” it may be an indication that you are trying to psychoanalyze Eleanor. Remember that you’re not trying to understand her; instead, you are reporting on
how she relates to the concepts we’re discussing in class.

· Structure your paper so that one paragraph = one concept. If you try to cover all three types of relationships in one paragraph, your ideas are going to be jumbled and difficult to follow. Instead, you might define role relationships and identify an example in one paragraph, then in a new paragraph, define interpersonal relationships and identify an example. Then, move on to a new paragraph.

· Cite frequently. Although you will not need to cite the three types of relationships, you should cite every time you draw from the Eleanor book or from the de Jong Gierveld et al. piece (and you should be using these for most of your paper).

· Proofread, proofread, proofread. There is no excuse for misspelling an author’s name or including incomplete sentences. Word processing software will flag you if something is misspelled or grammatically incorrect. If you are flagged to make changes to something, you need to do that.

· Write your introduction and conclusion
last, so that you can truly bookend what you have written. Neither of these paragraphs should contain any content; instead, they should preview and recap the body of the paper.

These papers should be typed, double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins
on all sides. You will use a cover page (example on D2L—you can download and use it; simply change the highlighted parts) and you will begin your paper on the
first line of page 2. The paper should be 2.5-3.5 pages of
content (i.e., 3.5-4.5 pages with the title page).

You do not need to include a references page; however, you
should be citing your work. You will cite the
Eleanor book (Honeyman, 2016) or your assorted readings. DO NOT USE QUOTATIONS.

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