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PLEASE REVIEW THE INFORMATION BELOW . ROUGH DRAFT SUBMIT TOUR ROUGH DRAFT Your ROUGH DRAFT should include a minimum of a cover page, an introduction of your topic and argument, and a working bibliography with Chicago citations including either footnotes or endnotes. The ROUGH DRAFT must be at least 400 words . (Though it is a […]

please review the information below HIST 1302 EXAM #1 Name_______________________________________________(Essay Questions are worth

please review the information below  HIST 1302 EXAM #1 Name_______________________________________________ (Essay Questions are worth 25 Points each) The exams are divided into 3 UNITS. Each exam will cover a unit. For example, UNIT 1 covers Chapters 1-5. Each exam will have critical thinking essay questions. Each question requires a minimum 100-word response. Answer all questions. […]