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Case Study 1 – Analytics at P&GThis is an individual assignment. Make sure to include your name on your assignment. The assignment is

Case Study 1 – Analytics at P&G

This is an individual assignment. Make sure to
include your name on your assignment.

The assignment is based on the Harvard Business School case titled “Managing with Analytics at Procter and Gamble”. This case can be purchase from Harvard Business School at the link provided in the course syllabus.

Each numbered question/question set should be answered in a half page, single-spaced, 12 point font. Therefore, you will submit at least 2.5-page Word/PDF document for this assignment.
This is a guideline, to show a minimum depth of thought; answers less than this length are likely light on substance.

Submit your assignment to the submission folder on D2L on or before the due date and time. Late submissions will be accepted but subject to the late penalty.

Q1 (5 points possible): How did P&G leverage BI /Analytics to transform its business operations and decision-making process? Where would you place P&G on the Analytic Maturity Curve at the time of the case? Why? Provide evidence to support your responses.

Q2 (5 points possible): How is BI/Analytics involved in the issue with the roll-out of the compacted detergent? What action would you recommend P&G take regarding the next wave of rollouts? What would you suggest in the short term (prior to the next wave) and in the long term?

Q3 (5 points possible): In what ways did P&G’s organizational culture and structure support or hinder the implementation and effectiveness of analytics? Provide specific examples from the case study to support your perspective.

Q4 (5 points possible): Do you believe the BI/Analytic capabilities at P&G have progressed from the time of the case study to the present? What evidence (from other sources outside of the case) did you find to support your assessment? Cite the sources (using proper footnotes or website links) along with your response.

Overall submission (5 points possible): Ensure your submission is effectively organized, easy to follow and comprehend, and is free from spelling and grammar errors.

Case Study 1 Assignment.doc

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