Health Care -SLP

Individuals and organizations often choose to take a stance on certain policy issues that are relevant to their field or organization. To move beyond simply having an opinion, this stance can be drafted in the form of a position statement or paper. Position statements utilize facts, evidence, and research to support them. After reading and reviewing the required materials for this module, you are expected to draft a position statement informed by what you learned from this background information. Review the document at the link below on how to set up a position paper, including a general outline. Use this to guide your drafting of your paper. Your paper should specifically address whether the Affordable Care Act is an effective mechanism for reducing the burden of uncompensated care. Xavier University Library. (2014). How to write a position paper. Retrieved from Please use the following resource for evaluating information found on the internet: You may use the following source to assist in your formatting your assignment:


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The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Using our novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao compose essay #2Decide which critical theory/ approach you would like to apply in your essay, and use the questions, main theorists, and central ideas associated with the approach to help you develop and structure your argument:oPsychoanalytic CriticismoFeminist CriticismoGender/Queer CriticismoNew Historicism Criticism***Though we have not covered the below theories in class, you may also apply these lenses to the story you choose to analyze, too:oMarxist CriticismoCritical Race CriticismoPost-Colonial CriticismoPost-Modernism The owl will give you a brief intro to the above theories:Create a clear thesis and argument throughout your essay that analyzes a major theme in the story using aspects of the theory you choose. Include literary termswhere they relate i.e. narrator, characters, motifs, setting, plot, etc.Support your argument with elements of fiction you find in the story, specific details and examples from the work, and outside literary Theory of the work. (Research sources must be based in literary critical theory.)Nuts and Bolts:At least 2,500 words (about 6.5pgs)At least TWO scholarly sourcesto support your argument: please use direct quotes, examples and details from these sources: NO Wikipedia, Shmoop, 123HelpMe, Enotes, etc. Stick to .edu websites and/or GWC Library references.Quotes, details and examples from the story you are analyzingto support your argument (you should reference at least five different quotes, scenes, examples, etc. from the story as supportALL elements of an essay should be evident: **consider your audience to be skeptical and uniformed readers; therefore, may I suggest a BREIF summary of the story you choose in the intro paragraph** hook/attention getter, thesis/main claim, support for your claim throughout the essay, analysis and reasoning as to why your argument is reasonable and probable, a conclusion that reinstates key points of your essay and discusses themeMLA format: double spaced, 12pt font, proper heading, works cited page**Remember, this is nota summary assignment or a book report, but ananalysisof literature through literary theory and criticism to help you reach a deeper understanding of the text**


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Leadership Instrument and Journal Paper

Steps 1. Complete the assigned readings for this unit. 2. Locate and complete the Leadership Instrument located at the end of each assigned chapter for this unit. 3. In a Microsoft Word document, write a three to four page report that does the following:

Summarizes your findings Specifically discusses your strengths and weaknesses Discusses alternatives that you can use to improve your weaknesses and exploit your strengths Illustrates your plan for implementing improvement measures such as further research, training, or other measures beneficial for self-improvementVideos Video 4.5 Chapter Summary video at the Brightcove (website) Video 5.3 Chapter Summary video at the Brightcove (website) (website Ken and Scott Blanchard – Situational Leadership II video at the YouTube (website).Guiding Questions As you read, consider the following questions:

•How does the Style Approach work? •How does the Situational Approach work? •What are the strengths and criticisms of the Style Approach work and the Situational Approach work? •As research has shifted from studying the leader only to studying the leader in conjunction with the situation, what are some of the issues related to examining both relative to leadership?


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Develop a prevention/mitigation strategy to address a crime problem

The State of New Jersey has called upon you to develop a prevention/mitigation strategy to address a crime problem. The program design must include an outcome evaluation strategy as well. The State of New Jersey will give you great flexibility to conduct your study. You will need to specify the type of study you will propose, clearly identify the independent and dependent variables.

Describe fully your research design and be sure to consider these subjections to guide you in answering the question. I. Describe your proposed prevention/mitigation strategy (1st page – Intro) Identify the issue. Give a brief synopsis of the program. Include your target population, how it will be implemented, and a method to roll out the program. II. Research Questions/Purpose & Provide a research question (2nd page – Lit Rev) Provide a short statement of the problem and identify and define your independent and dependent variables (use the exhaustive literature review to support why you would choose these variables). III. Sampling Design & Proposed Data Collection Technique (3rd page – RM) Identify the population from which you will sample, the sampling frame, the sample (including the sample size), and sampling technique to be used (i.e., describe the specific type of probability or nonprobability sample you will use and how). Thereafter, describe the method you will use (i.e., experiment, survey, content analysis, etc.) and the instrument you will use. IV. Human Subject Protections & Measurement Quality (4th page –“Findings”) Identify issues related to the use of human subjects/respondents and how you will address them. Thereafter, identify threats to validity inherent in your study and describe what efforts your study will take to control for these threats. V. Analysis Plan (5th page – “Implications”) Explain the appropriate statistical tests to be used and why (refer back to the exhaustive literature review. What type of statistical tests were used? Are they appropriate for your proposed evaluation?)


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This paper is a review of evidence on a communicable disease topic of choice. Your review will examine the strength of a relationship between a communicable disease and a possible related variable/factor/consequence. Topics should be on links that are still not clearly established (i.e. do not research HPV and cervical cancer). Topics listed will be send to you. Assignment information: Conduct a literature review of professional journals, government/ agency reports. The paper will consist of the following sections: 1.Introduction Section: An introduction and brief summary of the communicable disease topic.

TThis paragraph should be a single paragraph that summarizes all of the points you want to make. a. A thesis statement that provides direction for the paper, either by statements of position or hypothesis. b. Briefly summarize the communicable disease (i.e. Tuberculosis) and it’s impact on human health. Who is affected by it? What are the risk factors for the problem? What are the economic and social consequences of the disease? c. Briefly highlight your topic (i.e. Tuberculosis and DOTS) for the paper and why it should be researched. d. What priority steps do you recommend be taken to address the problem and what is your rationale for these recommendations? Think of course concepts (i.e. prevention, control, surveillance, strategies etc.) The introduction/issue section may look something like this: “The Directly Observed Treatment Short-course (DOTS) strategy is a proven, costeffective means for reducing mortality in the developing world. About AAA people die every year of TB in _______ (country and/or globally). The incidence of TB is YYY. About UUU people in _____ (country and/or globally) get drug-resistant TB every year and about HHH% of those who are infected with HIV have active TB disease. TB affects largely the urban and rural poor and stems from poverty, general ill health, and the lack of coverage of our health services. TB causes illness for an extended period, stops people from working, causes them to spend large amounts on health, and leads many families into poverty. DOTs is a low cost approach to TB diagnosis and treatment that is not used sufficiently. We must immediately expand the DOTs program, starting in the north, where the disease burden is highest. We must increase case detection and treatment success rates. We must also pay special attention to the diagnosis and management of drug-resistant TB and to TB/HIV coinfection.”


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The Changing Gangster(anti-) Hero

Description Essay

Topic 1, The Changing Gangster(anti-) Hero:

This topic explores the deconstruction of the Gangsterhero. As the genre evolves over the decades, the Gangster“heroes” have become morecomplicated – less one-dimensional and less successful at achieving the American Dream.Or, have they?In this essay, examine the primary struggles of your film’s protagonist. To what extent arethese conflicts—either explicitly or implicitly—related to shifting social norms and/or questions of economic inequality and/or identity (race, ethnicity, masculinity, femininity, etc.)? How does your (anti) hero compare to oneof our more traditional gangster figures? What are the ways in which your film questions, challenges, or is nostalgic forthe more mythic, less flawed version of the gangster? In turn, does the narrative challenge or condemn the gangster’s immoral and unethical behavior? What about the narrative’s point of view? Is the story primary seen through the anti-hero’s perspective or someone else’s? (Must pick one episode specifically to discuss in paper)


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A comparative country fact-book of the dairy industry in India and the U.S.


This is a 3000 essay which should be completed with a first class. It is a comparative country essay, where India and the U.S should be compared in the dairy industry and explain their competitive advantage (if you wish, you can choose other countries as well but should be in dairy industry). Many graphs and tables are needed to be included for top marks. The file I will upload will be a very detailed brief which shouldn’t leave you with any questions. There is a section where the porters diamond model HAS TO BE APPLIED! otherwise it’s a fail


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How a Nike foot wear Utilises digital marketing in order to Generate profit in a competitive market

Description ]

01. REPORT ( I sent report structure with my question paper) 02. WORDS 2000 03. My selected brand is Nike .( foot wear) 04. Task – Task: Conduct a research and investigate how a particular brand (Nike foot wear) utilises digital marketing in order to generate profit in a competitive market. In producing the report. 04. Please follow my question paper requirements and please read question paper carefully. 05. please add marketing theories .(Critical/thoughtful selection and application of theories, concepts and examples. Conclusions and recommendations are fully supported by the evidence and report demonstrates a high level of understanding of complex issues.) 06. conduct research and include more data about NIKE.Numbers is very important to get good result.


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Job Term Negotiation


Please follow plan 1 marking guidelines and complete to a high standard. Please read the Alex Reclutamento role to complete assignment. Please read General Guidance for Negotiation Plan 1 (Job Terms). There are 2 sections to this assignment – worksheet and explanation section. Worksheet section – these questions need to be answered well. Please note and use the following comments for your Plan 1 Worksheet: • State your role upfront (Lee or Alex) on the worksheet. Also state why you are here (fundamental interest/s) at the start, and what issues may be involved in meeting these interests (bargaining mix). Then list what your goals are. Prioritise all these. • List your intangible interests and goals (personal and/or organisational) too. • Where there are two or more interests and goals, prioritise them clearly. You may “weight” them – for example out of 10 – to help planning and decision making.

• Define your bargaining mix. Having more issues, improves your potential outcomes for your more valued goals. • To save space, display your bargaining mix as part of your concession plan (as in the vertical column of issues in the concession plan shown in Week 4 lectures). However, you must clearly state that that is where you are displaying your bargaining mix if you are not going to list it separately. • Use your goal/s, to set your objectives (target/s), and then your opening offer. • Clearly state your BATNA and whether it is strong, intermediate or weak (relative to the offer you are negotiating). Use it to set your resistance point. • Your BATNA should reflect a plausibly firm option


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Is project management more of a science or more of an art form?

Description “Is project management more of a science or more of an art form?” The following thoughts are suggested as things to think about, not necessarily as points to be answered specifically in your paper: “Science” is generally defined by replicable, learnable procedures that tend toward success, art by the unpredictable, capable of being carried out by skilled practitioners but in ways that they are not always able to explain What do we mean by “success”? Is failure always a bad thing? What do we really know about the project management process? Be sure to include appropriate citations from the cases you choose, as well as your general conclusions and advice to others; you should try to have at least five to seven specific guidelines, together with your justification for them


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