Theoretical Analysis “German fascism”

Write a theoretical analysis, where you’ll be comparing the chapter “German fascism” from the book “The Nature of Fascism by Roger Griffin. The focus of this research is “how does the aesthetic of fascist architecture reflect the nature of fascist political ideology in Germany during the years of hitlers regime from 1934-1945”. Basically how architecture during hitlers regime influenced power and made him a fascists. Architecture as in the buildings and podiums and stadiums and all the beautiful architecture that we see in Germany that was built during hitlers time.  Please use APA format and use in text citations as well as a references page at the very end. Also make sure you include a clear and solid thesis statement. Introduction: State your topic The reason this topic is important Introduce the book you’re reading (title, author, year of publication) Provide an overall summary of the whole book (for this part you can search online or you can make it up, because it’s required to read the whole book, or u can look at the chapters of the book and summarize accordingly, ) Introduce the chapter that you read “German fascism” provide reason for selecting this chapter. Provide a 2 sentence summary of the chapter A clear Thesis for paper


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