Subject : Apple or PC? Which is more popular? We

Subject : Apple or PC? Which is more popular?   We are only discussing computers, not mobile devices (no phones or tablets).   Give me your opinions, not what’s out on the Internet.   Can you back up your suggestion?

Comments :  

In my opinion PC computers are very popular but depends in many factors,primarily the budget.PC computers are more affordable and can be found around 40% cheaper than MAC,easier to upgrade and compatible with more software.Mac (APPLE) is a high-end machine that looks and performs great.I ve used both operating systems and all depends on the user.Each system has its strengths and weaknesses.Most people are ok with spending a bit more on a MAC because they know Apple makes good products.The most noticeabe difference between one and the other is in the user interfaces.While many computer users will say one or the other is the best,this is a matter of personal preference.Traditionally PCs have had the upper hand when it comes to gaming because more publishers developed games for the PC platform.PC also provided more powerful processors and speed.PCs are manufactured and distributed by hundreds of manufactures.Definitely for me Windows 10 is the more flexible operating system and comes optimized for touch on supported touch-screen laptops. 

 Personally, I like pcs better than Apple. In my opinion, Apple is mostly known for its iPhones rather than its computer systems. Pc is used by a wide variety of people, whether it’s gamers, educators, business people, etc. I think pcs are more budget-friendly and more efficient, they have access to many more different apps, for example, Apple does not come with Word, Excel, etc you have to download it and pay for it separately. I also think pcs are better for gamers, on Macbooks most games are not downloadable. Pcs also have more variety, many of the new laptops are touch screens, and most can change into a tablet if you’d like, I think they are more versatile, promoting their products over a broad spectrum to businesses, hospitals, and students, and many more. You never go into a library or office and see all the apple products as they are very expensive and less budget-friendly to maintain. I also think getting a hold of a pc is easier, they sell in many stores as for Apple, they are in select stores and are sold out often. 


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