Chapter 11 Questions Define stockholders and stakeholders. What is the

Chapter 11 Questions

  1. Define stockholders and stakeholders. What is the difference between the two? How companies distinguish stakeholder. 
  2. What process does a company adopt to go through to and respond to stakeholders’ concerns? What are the steps in this process?
  3. What is the agency problem? What are the governance mechanisms that can be put in place to guard against this problem?
  4. Describe internal controls and strategies that can be implemented to ensure ethical behavior within a company. Why internal controls to maintain ethical concerns are important? 

Chapter 12 Questions

  1. How can organizational design contribute to competitive advantage? What elements in organizational design are important? 
  2. Describe how a strong organizational culture leads to transparency, ethics, and competitive advantage within a company.
  3. How do corporations develop strategic plans for single or multidivisional structures?  What are some advantages and problems in implementing a multidivisional structure?
  4. How do companies implement strategies at a global level? What organizational structures help them develop a competitive advantage?



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