Video: In the context of the vast innovations in


In the context of the vast innovations in the healthcare field that we have experienced in the last decade or so, a variety of technologies such as wearables are not accessible to several Americans. In the comfort of my home, I can now check my blood sugar levels if I am a diabetic. 

However, the latest technology comes at an expense. These innovative devices are also not easily accessible to the vast majority of Americans who are disadvantaged such as the low-income. Furthermore, there are disparities in awareness about to use the technology that get further accentuated among the elderly or the disabled. Rural Americans do not have access to Internet that puts them at a disadvantage of accessing a doctor via telehealth. 

In the context of the webinar, please answer the following questions.

  • What is a digital divide? What are some of the social, economic, geographic and cultural factors to this digital divide in the United States?  
  • Which are the sub-populations in America that are worst hit by the digital divide, according to the author?
  • The Smartphone or a computer is not enough. Do you agree/disagree with the speaker? Explain your answer.  
  • The speaker expressed the need for digital empathy in healthcare. In your opinion, what can we as healthcare professionals particularly those providing care via telemedicine foster and promote “digital empathy” while serving patients?
  • Who are the other stakeholders (in the health industry or outside) that we can work with in order to bridge the digital divide? 

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