Create The Outline 1. Think about how you would introduce

Create The Outline

1.  Think about how you would introduce this topic.  What’s some important context to consider (social and political events of the past or happening now, history, personal experience.  Write down 5 important bullet points.

2.  Create your thesis for the question:  How does the way that media and entertainment portrays under-represented communities (minorities) contribute to negative race relations in this country (stereotypes, racism, sexism and homophobia)?

3.  Find 3 examples from the research that back up your argument 

4.  Find 2 examples in the research that go against your argument OR give 2 examples of something you’ve heard people say that contradicts your argument (in social media, in your family, etc)

5.  Why is this topic important? 

6.  What are the Consequences of doing nothing?

7.  What are the consequences of doing something? How could effective interventions change the situation?


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