Consider for a moment the concept of “moderation” within Aristotle’s

Consider for a moment the concept of “moderation” within Aristotle’s Ethical system.  Everything, all parts of the human existence, should be done with moderation and thus excellence.  

Now consider the class(es) that you are currently taking.  How much time and effort is “enough” for your class(es)?  How do you know when you have reached the moderation point within school?

Once you have considered how moderation applies to your schooling – what changes would need to take place within your life to make moderation / excellence happen for your classes?  Would you need to change how much or where you work?  Would you need to change how much money or time you spend in other areas of your life as a result of these changes?  

How would your life look to reach moderation / excellence in school?

Minimum of 250 words


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