By now you’ve noticed the theme, and importance, of physical


By now you’ve noticed the theme, and importance, of physical activity. Studies have repeatedly shown the importance of physical activity to combat the detrimental outcomes of sedentary living (Buresh & Berg, 2014; Paterson et al., 2018; & Shuval et al., 2020). Of course, this does not mean people need to train vigorously every day, but the term “movement is medicine” certainly applies. No longer do we grow our own food, walk or bike to work, or spend time outdoors. Even jobs that are considered heavy manual labor have been assisted with new technology that allows us to shovel dirt with tractors and hammer nails without a hammer.

No doubt technology has improved our efficiency, but at what cost? The goal is to have a healthy relationship with modern conveniences, but not forget one of our most basic functions and blessings, movement. This activity is geared to challenge you to creatively blend modern technology with the activities of old.

Your initial post should address how we can creatively and effectively promote an increase of Physical Activity in our country. Be as detailed as possible and address potential barriers like: cost of the machine (if one is required), where can it be implemented, potential issues (mechanically and socially), who can and cannot participate, how realistic is this potential change, etc. In your peer responses, try and respectfully poke holes in your classmates ideas so they can be refined and sharpened. Perhaps some new ideas and technology can emerge from this assignment! Be sure to include a minimum of one credible source to strengthen your post. Ex: you can cite a source that identifies the activity rate of Americans which suggests the importance of getting more people active.

  • Minimum 300 words
  • Rely on peer-reviewed reading (text/research) as primary source of evidence

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