Chosen Topic = Ransomware The final paper will be a

Chosen Topic = Ransomware 


The final paper will be a 1,250- to 1,500-word research paper discussing your chosen topic. It is expected that all sources be credible, with a minimum of five peer-reviewed articles. The final paper must include the following:

  1. Abstract: Provide an overview of what the final paper is about. The abstract should be approximately 120 words in length; in-text citations should be excluded in this section.
  1. The final paper should include the information required in Section 1: Topic Selection, Problem Statement, and Metrics; Section 2: Analysis; and Section 3: Possible Feasible Solution, with evidence of improvement based on feedback from the instructor.
  1. In addition to the solution and the process to get there, explain what is needed to implement the solution. In particular, what resources will be needed, including materials, technology, and people (who is needed on the team to implement and what roles will they play). Explain clearly how they will work together. 

NOTE: Please use the attachment to complete the work and make sure each question is a heading


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