Project 1 (( Susans Consulting Company (SCC) – Problem Overview

Project 1


Susans Consulting Company (SCC) – Problem Overview

Susans Consulting Company (SCC) has been in business for ten years and has experienced a significant

turnover in the project management group, which has prompted senior leadership to investigate. 

A preliminary review by senior leadership has determined that Project Managers are frustrated with the

amount of required project management documentation, which has impacted their ability to manage

projects successfully. 

A recent review of the project management process has determined that SCC has spent between 30-40%

of its total project budget on projects' overhead costs to include project management costs. A review of

industry standards is between 5-15% higher than most companies. In addition, senior leaders found that

projects are being delivered between 25% and 50% over budget and late 95% of the time.

Note: Project Management overhead includes the PM's time managing the project, attending meetings,

and developing the required documentation.   

SCC Request: SCC has reached out to your team because you are experts in defining project

management processes and delivering projects on time. The SCC request includes the following:

 The development of a new project management process which at a minimum should include the


o The ability to track issues, risks, changes

o The ability to view project activities consists of a view of what has been completed and

what activities the team is working on over the next reporting period

o The company must have a view into total life cycle project costs to include what has been

spent to date, baseline budget, any changes to the budget, remaining budget, and cost of

the project at completion

 In addition, to the new process request, SCC has a new project they need to complete by the end

of the year with a limited budget and no project management staff.  


 Identify a project manager – this individual is responsible for the team assignment ensuring that

team members are completing their assigned work on time.

 I will act as the sponsor both for the project and for the methodology build-out.  Any questions

should be directed to me.


OVERVIEW- For Understanding the Project

((Your paper should include the following information:  

 Project scope statement

 Using the methodology outlined above, describe each phase of the project and its deliverables))


USE SPIRAL Methodology

-Need references as well.


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