Word count: 2-3 pages [+/-] Provide your response(s) to: 1.


Word count: 2-3 pages [+/-]

Provide your response(s) to: 

1. For each dimension of PEST/PESTEL identify/ list / explain 3 specific, current trends [for example, in the external environment dimension of P – what are 3 actual trends, meaning “things” actually currently changing]. These are NOT tied to any organization or industry specifically.

2. Identify an organization operating in Canada – either a Canadian organization either operating outside or in Canada, or a non-Canadian organization operating in Canada, and which industry they are operating in. [just need to name the organization with a brief [maybe a short paragraph 4-5 sentences max/.] description of what the organization does, and how large they are.

3. For this organization, explain how EACH TREND, identified in [1], could impact them and what this organization should do to either protect itself from a “damaging” trend or take advantage of a “positive” trend. [hint: most trends can be either].




1. Use 12 pt font, 1.5 spacing


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