These propositions were good, but to me, the proposition of

These propositions were good, but to me, the proposition of Ferguson resonates more with the reality of society. As he said that humans are not always good and not always bad. Contrary to Hobbes belief, Ferguson thought that humans have both behaviours in them, not savage innate behaviour which shows up because of extreme conditions. Fergusson really was ahead of his time, he really captured the behaviours of today’s society about being cooperative to people close to them or to people who prove to be beneficial. But that is also not always the case. There are some people that are selfless no matter in which society they are currently residing in. Moving on, I don’t agree with Hobbes proposition, as if a human is subjected to extreme conditions like in Lord of flies where schoolboys crash and behaved savagely because of the absence of authority. But this will not be the case always. Not everybody will go barbaric if put in a condition like that. It partially depends on the nurture of the person and nature plays an important role too. I also disagree with Rosseau as he called the primitive societies pore and the developed societies as ‘noble savages.’ But not all primitive societies are pure and ideal and not all nobles are savages. So it never depends on a whole society whether people living in it are all barbaric or civilized. Also, his idea of primitive societies being corrupted by the introduction is laws is completely irreverent. I would like to give an example of some primitive tribe. I’m some tribes. Twins are considered taboo. If twins are born, they usually kill newborn babies. But these are their laws which are different from our definition of laws. So, just because there was harmony about accepting inhumane things doesn’t mean that they got corrupted just because more humane laws were implemented. 

Ferguson was an interactionist in a way that he described our inherited basic nature of humans as humans are cooperative with people close to them.  In addition, humans are able to change their behaviour according to different circumstances. But human nature is not completely based on ‘nature’, ‘nurture’ also plays an important part. For instance, if a person has short temper which runs in the family and they inherited it. What if the person’s parents died in a car crash and he was adopted by another family. Either the trauma or being adopted into a new home where the environment is completely different. These things can have a drastic effect on their behaviour. But there may be some times when the person can lash out. So, being short-tempered was something that was a trait in their family, but was not as prevalent as before (not completely changed) due to nurture. 


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