please see discussion below and respond using 150 words or

please see discussion below and respond using 150 words or more


Hi class,

A data structure is a set of elements that helps one to manipulate  data. The size of a static data structure is set. As the need for  storage grows, a dynamic data structure may expand and contract.

  • ArrayList  This sort of list is implemented as an  array that is dynamically sized, that is if the list’s size needs to be  increased by 50%. If you have a ten-item list, an add operation would  automatically raise the size to fifteen. The ArrayList also allows  elements to be accessed directly using the get () and set () methods, as  well as added and removed using the add () and remove () methods ().  Duplicate elements are not removed by ArrayList.
  • LinkedList The output of the methods add, delete, get, and set is the key difference between LinkedList and ArrayList.
    This  type of list performs better in the add and remove methods than the  ArrayList’s add and remove methods, but its get and set methods perform  worse than the ArrayList’s get and set methods.
  • Vector Vectors are very similar, to the point of  being identical. If you are unfamiliar with the concepts of Vector and  ArrayList, they are used interchangeably. The Vector multiplies by two,  so if you have a complete list of ten elements, the list would expand to  twenty, with ten empty places.


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