If you cannot make this deadline please do not accept

If you cannot make this deadline please do not accept the assignment!

 Throughout this course we have examined the ways in which television is both a reflection of current social, economic, and political conditions and the ways that it can also influence American’s thoughts and opinions. Please discuss how both of these ideas are true within post WW II-America.

Your essay should explain, using specific examples, how television both reflected the historical realities and/or how it influenced/impacted people at three (3) different points in American history. (It can be from the years 50s-70s or 60s-80) and examples are women and television, and  minorities in film. Make sure that there is a time progression in your paper within the years. Your response should include historical details on all three (3) time periods. You may draw upon course readings, media, and Primetime Content Lectures as well as your own research.

This essay should be 2 pages, using APA style 7th edition,  make sure to cite your paper including all In-text citations. Please use credible sources and do not use Wikipedia.


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