This paper is a chance for you to explore an

 This paper is a chance for you to explore an area of interest in greater detail. I am looking for strong critical thinking skills demonstrated through the synthesis of content anchored in the basic facts and issues of your topic and a willingness to apply original though based on your observations and research.

     You are welcome to chose another topic, but please discuss your ideas with me first for approval. If you chose an alternative topic please make sure it falls within the scope of this course—Prehistoric art through Early Judaism and Christianity.

  • All essays are to be 7-8 pages in length (double spaced in 12 point font with 1 inch margins)
  • Please include a minimum of 5 bibliographical references (including internet sources) (not including the course textbook)
  • Images of the works you are analyzing are required but do not count towards bibliographical references or page count
  • Images included as an appendix
  • Please use primary and secondary sources exclusively
  • NO Wiki or Encarta, blogs or Art Story references please
  • Please limit encyclopedic caliber references to 1
  • All quotes must be footnoted in the appropriate manner
  • Please use MLA format for thesis and dissertations
  • Standard procedures regarding plagiarism apply

For your research essay topic, please answer one of the following questions:

  1. Please discuss Paleolithic art in specific relation to its probable meaning, use and purpose.
  2. Please discuss how the river Nile informed every aspect of Egyptian civilization. Be sure to include specific examples to illuminate your narrative.
  3. What was the Greek “ideal”? Please consider how the Greeks sought perfection in all aspects of their civilization and perhaps debate whether or not they ever achieved their lofty goals.
  4. Present a revised history of Classical Greece based on an alternative perspective. Examine Greek culture from a woman’s perspective or a slave’s perspective.
  5. What was the Roman achievement in architecture? Use specific examples that best illustrate Roman innovation.
  6. Did the early Christian church borrow symbols, imagery, and building types form non-Christian sources? Please discuss this early fusion of Christian and non-Christian visual culture.