1. Read the article Furniture you can Grow and determine


1. Read the article Furniture you can Grow and determine which segment of the technology adoption life cycle it resides.

2.  Find 3 product examples that reside at the laggards section of Adoption Life Cycle. Explain why you selected them. Do not use product categories. Use specific products like a Nokia flip phone.

  1. Do not simply identify a class of products. For example: Cell phones are products that laggards would buy. This is a product category not a product itself. They would not buy an iPhone 12max. They might buy an iphone 5.  Be specific about the product. 
  2. Laggards in marketing comprise a group of consumers who avoid change and may not be willing to adopt a new product until all traditional alternatives are no longer available. The group is mostly concerned with reliability and low cost and represents about 16% of the consumer population. Study the definition. Close your eyes and become a laggard. What products do you see around you? Why do you still use them?
  3. Optional article on Laggards: How Being a Laggard or Late Adopter of Technology Can Save You Money



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