You are a freshly-minted MBA who was recently hired by a,

You are a freshly-minted MBA who was recently hired by a, medium-size, Vancouver, British Columbia, based company. (The industry in which your company is can be decided by you.)

Your boss comes to you and tells you:

“- We are trying to get some Federal and BC Provincial contracts which are very lucrative.
Governments want to deal only with businesses which are ethical and which have adequate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and procedure and which follow those policies, as well.
If we are weak on CSR and ethics, we have, practically, no chance of getting government contracts.

The Federal Government even issued an CSR Implementation Guide for Canadian Businesses. 
( see: )

Would you mind taking a look at that Federal Guideline and send me a memo, by Wednesday, March 10, 23:59 ?
Your memo should clearly state what should we do to start, from scratch, on the CSR and corporate ethics path and align with the Canadian government expectations.

I need your memo to table it, as a discussion item, at our upcoming Executive Management meeting.

Thank you.”


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