we will practice presenting data from metrics and making recommendations

we will practice presenting data from metrics and making recommendations and supporting them. From the three metrics you used for your assignments, choose 1 and present it. 

Here is an example – read through it and provide on of your own. 

I chose to gather data on employee satisfaction with compensation and benefits. 

Here is the data:

Satisfaction with compensation:

83% highly satisfied

12% satisfied

5% unsatisfied

Satisfaction with rewards and benefits:

14% highly satisfied

22% satisfied

64% unsatisfied

Based on the results of this metric, we can conclude that the compensation seems to be satisfactory, but employees are not satisfied with the benefits and rewards. Thus, my recommendation is that HR do a survey to find out which benefits most employees would like to see the organization offer. 

Justification: We know that benefits are important. The literature tells us that “80 percent of respondents (2,026 U.S. adults, among whom 1,115 were employed) would choose a job with benefits over an identical job with 30 percent more salary but no benefits” (Festa, 2018). This proves that benefits are more important than compensation and if workers are unsatisfied with benefits, the organization needs to make changes. 


Festa. M (2018). Benefits More Important Than Salary? 80% Think Yes. Retrieved 2/18/2020 at: https://www.exudeinc.com/blog/benefits-more-important-than-salary-80-think-yes


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