This essay is designed for you to pick a side

This essay is designed for you to pick a side on an argument surrounding the topic you worked with over the semester.

This will be a formal essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  The introduction paragraph should include a clear and concise key point thesis statement (as the final sentence to the introduction) where you stake your claim/argument on the issue. 

This essay will work to do three things:  identify a problem and prove the problem exists (introduction), argue for a possible solution to the problem, and address the opposing side’s view point in an attempt to refute and prove wrong or inaccurate.  All three of these areas will need source support. The essay will be six paragraphs (see outline template)

You will be required to use six sources on this topic.  You may use sources you have already worked with, but new sources, if scholarly, are acceptable. At least three sources must come from the Blinn Library or the Database.  In text citations and a works cited page will be required!

The essay must be typed, double-spaced, include a MLA header, and MLA style citations and Works Cited page.  The essay must also be written in third person, formal, standard English and meet a length requirement of 1500 words.

Must use the 3 references in the progress attachment and then find 3 more references, Topic: Paying college athletes

Please use the attachments to help with the paper. 


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