Profile of a Quality Health Care Influencer There are a number

Profile of a Quality Health Care Influencer

There are a number of key figures, both historically and in today’s health care field, who have influenced the growth and change of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).  In some cases, they have created the models that we are using currently.  In other cases, they have impacted our approach to health care quality greatly and continue to motivate and inspire us to do better.These include (but are not limited to):                                      

  • Edward Deming
  • Joseph Juran
  • Lucian Leape
  • Dr. Avedis Donabedian
  • Kaoru Ishikawa
  • Brian Joiner

More recently:

  • Dr. Donald Berwich
  • Dr. Peter Pronovost
  • Dr. Atul Qawande
  • Dr.Robert Wachter
  • Dr. Paul Batalden
  • Dr. Brent James

-Identify a key leader from this list (or another, not listed here, you wish to research).

-Present a profile of this individual and how they have impacted continuous improvement in health care.

-Identify what you believe are the three most important concepts that they have they have presented as a part of their work.

-Explain why you think these are important and how you might include them in your role today or in your future health care career.

The paper should be 750-words, have at least three references outside the assigned text and must have APA formatting. The Written Assignments must reflect college-level writing and thinking.

Note:  Attached files are shortened lecture version and it may/may not help.


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