Go to the following website to view Classroom Diversity: An

 Go to the following website to view Classroom Diversity: An Introduction to Student Differences Module:  URL:  http://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/module/div/challenge/#content.This is a reflective exercise; so, you will put your thoughts and activities into a journal.

  • First, view the Challenge – Consideration – Student Diversity.
  • Then, go to Initial Thoughts and jot down your thoughts in your journal.
  • Now,  proceed to Perspectives and Resources, and go through it carefully. 
  • Move to Wrap it Up. In Wrap it Up, read the module and reflect on the Initial Thought Questions again.
  • Finally, move to the Assessment and answer all questions in your journal.

Now, follow the following guidelines to complete your assignment:

  • First, your submission must be in WORD using APA format.  Review the following site for information about APA:
  • Here are the sections that your document should contain:
    • Module Summary: Summarize the module in its entirety giving several examples of how it addresses student diversity.
    • Video Summary: Summarize the video (be sure to provide sufficient detail)
    • Reflections: Review your reflections in your journal carefully and restate them in your paper.
  • Remember to proofread carefully for spelling and typing errors) and be sure to follow APA guidelines.
  • Submit your paper to the dropbox within this folder.

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