The “Greening of Business” is a large and growing field.

 The “Greening of Business” is a large and growing field. This week, I encourage you to: attend a remote event or watch a recorded lecture to learn more about how business leaders are grappling with greening issues today; conduct a research project on a topic of your choice (related to your final project topic if you’d like); or research employment opportunities related to sustainable business within a particular industry. Please share your experience and/or findings with the class via a ~500 word written summary.


Guidelines for the written summary

Please post a ~500 word written summary of your experience and/or research findings either directly in the iLearn Forum or as an attached Word or PDF document. Please include at least one image and quote in your report. Organize your report into at least three sections using headings for each section. Please cite any sources that inform your summary and include any websites that you think would be of interest to your readers.


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