The assignment and details are all listed below Assignment #1 (16

  The assignment and details are all listed below

Assignment #1 (16 points): The Health Problem – Health Policy Link


Assignment #1: The Health Problem – Health Policy Link

The table should be single spaced and a maximum of two and a half (2.5) pages. Also include a cover page and a reference page in APA Format (these do not count toward the page limit). Except in the case of titles, use complete sentences, i.e. write using narrative format. No more than 15% of direct quotes or paraphrasing are permitted in the document. 

Here is the question I selected.

1. It is not unusual for patients in US hospitals to acquire preventable diseases, infections and conditions during their stay in the hospital.

The format below must be used.


HGMT 310 Assignment #1


Student Name: Type your name here.


Assignment  #1 Title: Provide a unique name for the health problem and the short name   of the applicable federal policy or legislation meant to address the problem.


Health Problem: Describe and provide details about the health problem. Indicate in detail who is most impacted by this health problem. Include   relevant statistics (incidence, mortality, morbidity, etc.).

This section must include how the problem impacts patients, health care providers and/or professionals, health organizations, healthcare   insurers/payers and the government. Note the human and financial costs. Use   in-text citations for all statistical references. 


Healthy People 2020:Summarize the health problem as recognized by Healthy People 2020’s goals for the nation. Note how the health problem you identified   fits within the Healthy People 2020 framework – is it a goal, Leading Health   Indicator, etc. Use in-text citations as needed.

Include a discussion on the which social determinants of health   impacts the health issue you selected.

Does another governmental agency or public health organization describe the problem? If so, provide details on how this agency/organization   describes the problem.

If the issue is not identified in Healthy People 2020,  hypothesize about why this specific societal health problem might have been  excluded from Healthy People 2020


Official Title and Citation of the Legislation: Indicate the government’s response to the health problem you   selected via online research. Select one federal policy or piece of federal legislation. In this section, include the title, bill number or citation from   the statute.


Status: As of the date of submission, what is the status of the federal   policy or legislation in the health policy cycle and why do you believe it   fits here?  Reference a stage(s) of Figure 1, the US Policymaking Cycle, found in the Week 1 Course Introduction document.


Analysis of the Public Policy Response: Describe the scope of the federal policy or legislation   (describe specific provisions from the law and how they are meant to address   the health issue) and the anticipated impact.


Policy and Social Determinants of Health: Does the policy address, facilitate or hinder access to the social determinants of health?


Conclusion: In your opinion, does the health policy or legislation   adequately addresses the health problem you identified? Why or why not? Be specific.


Resources for Updates: What policy resources would a health organization use to check   for updates on this policy or legislation?