response paper

I’m working on a Humanities exercise and need support.

Choose one of the four following images and, in an informal essay formatof 150-200 words, analyze what you see in the image and what the image tells you about the time period/social problems of the time. I have given questions to consider, but do NOT just answer the questions in order. Be sure to include specific details from the image to support your analysis.

Questions to consider:

  • Describe what you see in the photograph and the compositional elements that stand out to you.
  • Explain what you think is the most important part of this image is and what you think the photographer is trying to show in the image.
  • Discuss your understanding of the time period based on what you see in the image.
  • Explain how this image, being a photograph, rather than a drawing or text, changes how you understand the social problems of the Progressive Era.

(For a sample analysis go to: