Q1. End of Chapter 5 and do Exercise 5B Should CocaCola Build Borrow or Buy in2020 2021 Steps 1and 2minimum

Q1. End of Chapter 5 and do Exercise 5B Should Coca-Cola, Build, Borrow, or Buy in2020 -2021? Steps 1,and 2(minimum of one page assignment).
(When accessing Coca-Colas website, youll have to click on Press Center,.)
5B exercise question :
Step 1 Review material about coca cola and at the coca cola website. Review current news articles about coca cola company.
Step 2 Review information about a major rival to coca cola company.
Determine whether you believe COCA could or should try to acquire. Give the pros and cons of such a horizontal integration strategy. Recall that coca cola recently acquired rival.
Q2. End of Chapter 6 and do Exercise 6A Perform a SWOT Analysis for Coca-Cola as an individual, one page assignment.
6A Exercise : Develop a SWOT Matrix for coca cola
Follow all the SWOT guidelines provided in the chapter, including notation (for example, S4, T3) at the end of each strategy.Include two strategies in each of the four (SO,ST, WT, WO) quadrants. Be specific regarding your strategies, avoiding generic terms such as forward integration.


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