All work must be original in APA format cited will be submitted to TurnItIn. Due date is Monday 061520 1pm

All work must be original in APA format, cited & will be submitted to Turn-It-In. Due date is Monday 06/15/20 @ 1pm Eastern Standard Time. Must be 4 pages, not including the title page.
1. Discuss the extent of security’s growth in this country. What are some of the reasons for the professionalization of the field of private security? What types of businesses are using more security than they did 10-20 years ago? What types are using less? Why the changes?
2. What are the greatest challenges facing private security in the 21st Century? How have they evolved in recent decades, and what is driving the challenges?
Discuss the basic services typically performed by contractual security personnel.
4. Case Study:
Ms. Smith is the newly hired Director of Security for ABC Corporation. Prior to her arrival, ABC Corporation management underwent a reorganization to help reduce costs during a down-turn in business. All organizations were expected to find ways to continue to deliver quality services and support while reducing their cost. The security department was not exempted from this requirement.
ABC Corporation uses a proprietary security force to deliver all security services and perform all security task. All security officers, security professionals and even fire and safety personnel are employees of ABC Corporation. In total, ABC Corporation has 70 proprietary employees delivering security and safety services. The security operation is a 24/7 operation and employs limited use of access control technologies and surveillance systems. The reliance is heavy on the human element.
Furthermore, upon arrival, Ms. Smith learned that her predecessor did not have a working relationship with the local Law Enforcement community nor the local Fire Department. This has caused a condition where support from the local police department is nearly non-existent.
How would you:
Reduce costs
Use available technologies
Build a relationship with the local


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