After approval of the topic youve chosen to researchTHE TOPIC IS HOW ARE HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENTS CREATED. the paper should

After approval of the topic youve chosen to research,(THE TOPIC IS HOW ARE HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENTS CREATED?. the paper should be 2-3 pages in length with an additional cover page and reference page: 4-5 pages total length.
(At least 2 complete pages).
Dont forget to cite your sources within the body of the paper (in text) as well as on your reference page (see APA style link below). Use 12 pt font, 1 inch margins and double space. You must use at least 2 sources.
The library provides online guides
(Links to an external site.) for writing and citing.
The Purdue OWL
(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.(online writing lab) is a great resource if you havent used the APA format.
No need to include an abstract.
Your paper is submitted through Turn It In for plagiarism so be sure to cite your sources and do not copy from your resources.
Youll receive an originality/similarity report – if you submit before the deadline, youll have a chance to re-submit until the due date.
I should be under 30
Be sure that you have a valid email address in your Account/Settings otherwise the report will not generate but will give a message that its in process. Your default email should be your SF email. Check you account settings
(Links to an external site.).


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