Assignment Content Class: Ethical And Legal Topics In Business Create a 7 to 10slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

Assignment Content
Ethical And Legal Topics In Business
Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with visuals and speaker notes that provides answers to Great Buys’ concerns, as well as recommendations for specific contract clauses or language.

Great Buys is an internet-based company headquartered in New York that sells household electronics to consumers in the United States. The management team at Great Buys has some concerns about its online contracting process. The management team asks you, the company’s contract manager, to work with your team and address their concerns that include the following:
Great Buys is not sure it has a binding contract with its customers, since the contract is completely online and in electronic format.
Consumers have argued they are not bound to the online contract because there is no handwritten “pen and ink” signature.
Great Buys also wants to know if any international laws will apply once the company starts selling its electronic products internationally.
Great Buys has been sued in different state courts all over the country, and it would like to know if an arbitration clause requiring that arbitration be conducted in New York City will be enforceable.
Great Buys would also like to know the types of intellectual property (IP) that should be protected and the IP clauses that would be beneficial for them to add to the contract.
Finally, Great Buys wants one or two suggestions for improving its internal business procedures so that customer product complaints do not turn into contract-related claims or lawsuits.
Format your assignment according to APA citation guidelines.


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