Assignment 1: Discussion There are two parts to this assignment:Please answer the following and place in Message board do

Assignment 1: Discussion
There are two parts to this assignment:
Please answer the following and place in Message board (do not attach files)
First Part: Topic Proposal
Complete the following:
Module 4 Topic Proposal.docx
1. General topic I will focus on in my visual argument (Example: General topic of Organ Donor; specific focus of Saves Lives; purpose; educate audience about program):
2. Format: Pamphlet or Power Point? Be specific how this will look and why? Provide research that is indicative to target audience.
3. Probable audience I will target, given my topic & the way I will present it (consider age, profession, level of previous knowledge, socio-economic demographic, etc – be specific) — Make sure this is a REAL WORLD audience:
4. Motivations influence visual presentations; consider what you want your audience to do with this information? What cultural narrative or value might be influencing this? (This last question deals with the element of pathos / emotional appeal.)
5. Might there be objections? How might you consider these in argument or not? Explain
6. Consider, do you need to identify sources or not?
What is the industry standard and why might they need to know or not? Consider how you’re building your credibility (ethos)?
7. Style & tone of my writing, and
(example: Conversational style & serious tone so that I can attract a general audience without intimidating them, while communicating an important piece of information that has serious consequences.)
Second Part: Design Parameters
1. Find a brochure or PPT (1-3 slides for example)
that is similar to your design parameters.
Upload an image of brochure or PPT.
2. Explain what changes you intend to make in order to appeal to your REAL WORLD audience.


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