As a group please write a 10 15 pagedouble spaced research paper on the following topic: Many experts

As a group, please write a 10 -15 page
double spaced research paper on the following topic:
– Many experts believe the most important and critical issue facing cyberspace and the Internet is the lack of ethics among cybersecurity professionals.
There are a number of areas where cybersecurity professional fall short, often times leading to the loss of jobs, personal and professional reputation, and in some cases criminal prosecution.
However, sometimes there is a difference between what is “legal” and what is “ethical”.
Develop a research paper regarding the similarities and differences between ethical and legal conduct by cybersecurity professionals. Discuss specific ethical issues facing cybersecurity professionals.
Discuss laws that are applicable for cybersecurity professionals. Discuss the development of rules of ethical conduct for cybersecurity professionals, and the effectiveness of such rules.
– Your paper should have at least 25 references, and
all references must be scholarly peer-reviewed articles.
– All references must be current and published since 2015.
– All references must be cited in APA format.
– Your title page and bibliography pages do not count toward the 10-15 page requirement.
Part 2: PowerPoint Presentation
Develop a 10-slide PowerPoint Presentation to present to the class on Sunday that covers your paper. It must include a title slide and references slide.


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