Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: What are the main differences among individual consultative and team

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
What are the main differences among individual, consultative, and team decisions?
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Knowing Who to Involve
In practice, good organizational decisions are made by individuals acting alone, by individuals consulting with others, and by people working together in teams.27 In true contingency fashion, no one option is always superior to the others; who participates and how decisions are to be made should reflect the issues at hand.28
When individual decisions, also called authority decisions, are made, the manager or team leader uses information gathered and decides what to do without involving others. This decision method assumes that the decision maker is an expert on the problem at hand. In consultative decisions, by contrast, inputs are gathered from other persons and the decision maker uses this information to arrive at a final choice. In team decisions, group members work together to make the final choice, hopefully by consensus or unanimity.
Individual decisions , or authority decisions, are made by one person on behalf of the team.
Consultative decisions are made by one individual after seeking input from or consulting with members of a group.
Team decisions are made by all members of the team.
Consultative and team decisions are recommended by this model when the leader lacks sufficient expertise and information to solve this problem alone; the problem is unclear and help is needed to clarify the situation; acceptance of the decision and commitment by others are necessary for implementation; and adequate time is available to allow for true participation. By contrast, authority decisions work best when team leaders have the expertise needed to solve the problem; they are confident and capable of acting alone; others are likely to accept and implement the decision they make; and little or no time is available for discussion. When problems must be resolved immediately, the authority decision made by the team leader may be the only option.
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