Respond in a paragraph to the discussion board. In your response DO NOT JUST AGREE OR DISAGREE IN THE RESPONSE

Respond in a paragraph to the discussion board. In your response, DO NOT JUST AGREE OR DISAGREE IN THE RESPONSE, tell the reason for your response. Your response must be at least 100 words.
Each answer separately. Use APA 7.
Assistive Technology Information for Families and Communication
Lecture 1: Assistive Technology (AT) for Families
The lecture notes are comprehensive and outline several aspects that can be viewed as either positive or negative. On the positive aspects, the lecture notes provide a comprehensive explanation of what ATs are and their uses. For instance, it is stated that they are pieces of equipment or product system that improve the functionality of children with disability (FCTD, n.d). Also, the lecture notes provide ATs uses and state that they are essential in aiding daily living, communication, and access to communities.
There are, however, negative aspects that can be noted in the lecture.
The lecture highlights some of the policies that protect the education of the learners with disabilities, the notable being IDEA, IEP, and Rehabilitation Act (FCTD, n.d). However, it fails to explain to the readers where individuals can seek redress when these provisions are violated. The lecture also provides that individuals can be helped to afford the ATs, especially when they are incapable of purchasing them (FCTD, n.d). It, however, fails to explain the specific criteria that need to be met. For instance, it is stated that the age factor is a determinant for funding but fails to state which age bracket of learners can benefit from financial help.
Lecture 2: Assistive Technology (AT) for Communication
The lecture notes have some positive and negative aspects regarding ATs for communication. The positive aspect is that it highlights several ATs that foster communication for learners with hearing, reading, and visual impairments (Piere, n.d). ATs that are highlighted include large print books, Audiobooks, and Desktop magnifies. The lecture also provides ATs procedures for communications, such as ensuring large screen resolution and high contrast settings (Piere, n.d). These procedures are essential accommodative approaches for these learners. However, the lecture has some negative aspects. First, it fails to explain how learners from low economic backgrounds can be helped access the ATs for communication. Also, the lecture does not explain the complexities of using ATs and how they can be addressed.
Family Center on Technology and Disability (FCTD) (n.d). Assistive Technology Information for Families.

Piere (n.d). Lecture 2: Assistive Technology (AT) for Communication.
Peer 2
Assistive Technology Information For Families Lecture
Positive Points:
Assistive Technology can aid in uses for daily living
eating, dressing, recreation & leisure, and home living
Assistive Technology can also aid in communication, such as speech to text.
Students are also able to work at their own pace, accomplish more individually and be included into the regular classroom.
Negative points:
Acquiring Assistive Technology is an ongoing process and your child’s needs will change and their technology needs will as well.
No Assistive Technology is perfect, it will help your child access many aspects of the curriculum and
daily life but their may be obstacles that the parent may need to work with along with the educational providers of the student.
Assistive Technology for Communication Lecture
Positive Points:
AT for communication in print material gives students access in the form of:
Large print books / Audio Books / Desk top magnifiers
AT for communication also gives students’ computer access for students

with visual impairments.
These AT are available in the following forms:
Lower screen resolution
High contrast settings
Screen magnification software
Screen reader software
Scan and read software
Refreshable Braille output
Negative Points:
Majority of assistive technologies are very expensive for schools to purchase.
To be able to use the technologies properly, training has to take place which is very time consuming.


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