The Civil War ended on April 9 1865 and the original goal of the North to preserve the Union was

The Civil War ended on April 9, 1865, and the original goal of the North to preserve the Union was accomplished. The task that lay before Lincoln and Congress now were reintegrating the rebellious Southern states into the Union. For many white southerners Reconstruction was a vicious and destructive experience – a period when vindictive Northerners inflicted humiliation and revenge on a pro-state South.
President Lincoln was assassinated on the April 14th, 1865. But what if Lincoln had led the nation through Reconstruction? Would the events and outcomes of Reconstruction have been different?
Please make sure that you clearly indicate which question you have chosen to discuss. Clearly and accurately explain your answer based on factual information contained in the assigned readings.
Students must respond to at least one fellow students posting explaining the reason(s) for their agreement or disagreement, with the arguments that have been presented, in order to get full credit for the discussion.


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