Summer Learning Assignment 8world War 2part 1 Due tomorrow at 01: 00 Instructions Hello All This is Part 1 of

Summer Learning Assignment #8-world War 2-part 1
Due tomorrow at 01: 00
Hello All
This is Part 1 of the look into World War 2. These assignments will
guide you through the reasons for the outbreak of war, some
Canadian perspectives on making the choice to enter into
another war, and will introduce some of the prominent
engagements of World War 2. The topic of World War 2 is
immense and can not be adequately covered fully in the
Secondary Social Studies context, so for those who find certain
areas of this unit engaging encourage you to follow-up and take
20th Century World History ( Grade 12 Social Studies course)
and take some time to look for engaging resources online, or
even on Netflix-just beware some of the Historical
Documentaries that are more grounded in sensationalism and not
actual history….anyways…on to the assignments:
1)Unit 6-world War- Part I: Overview document with
descriptions, explanations, and outlines the a Synthesis creations
in Part 3
2)Road to War Document-three part assignment structure to
explore the causes for the outbreak of World War
3)Rise of Dictatorships-two part assignment to look at the
ways dictatorships rose to prominence in the 1930s
4)World War ll Begins-a single set of questions looking at some
opening engagements of the war and Canadas context for the
5)Major Battles of World War ll-self-explanato, an overview of
some of the major engagements that take place across the war


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