Visit the websites of two GIS vendors of your choice examples: For each vendor a Describe the solutionsproducts

Visit the websites of two GIS vendors of your choice (examples:, For each vendor
(a) Describe the solutions/products they offer (i.e. explain features and capabilities of their solutions/products);
-Use 12 pt Times New Roman font, with 1.5 or single space between the lines
– Make sure to clearly cite any references you consult with. For references, you may choose any standard referencing style.
– 2 pages long

The students give excellent explanation of
each vendor they chose
– The students describe 3+
solutions/products offered by each vendor
– The students discuss the
features and capabilities of the solutions/products with recent and
relevant examples
– The students make connections to the solutions/products offered by
the two vendors to their work experiences or prior knowledge
– The students reference external articles to support their
answers, and reference them properly


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