must be handwritten and IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Use blue or black ink Go to please answer the following

(must be handwritten and IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Use blue or black ink)
Go to, please answer the following questions. Due 5/19/2020
Questions 1-4: (max 2 points each)
1. In your own words, what does the APTA do?
2. In your own words, summarize the APTA’s Vision Statement.
3. Under the “Current Students” section, what do you find most interesting or useful and why?
______________________________________________________ _________________________
4. Under the “Practice & Patient Care- Practice Administration” section, read about Peer Review. In your own words, describe what Peer Review is.
a. How does the peer review process maintain quality within the operation of a physical therapy practice or department?

5. What are the Values-based Behaviors for PTAs? Give an example for each behavior. (max 16 points)
6. Under the “Practice and Patient Care” section, find the Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant (Appendix 2). Print out a copy and highlight which standard you most identify with. Attach the standards to this assignment. Choose a bullet underneath the highlighted standard you chose and in the space provided below explain why you feel it is important. (10 pts.)


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