Final Thoughts After watching the videos Teachers EPortfolio Links to an external site. and Creating Your Teacher Interview Portfolio

Final Thoughts
After watching the videos, Teachers E-Portfolio (Links to an external site.) and Creating Your Teacher Interview Portfolio (Links to an external site.), create an initial response that defines how this course has helped you determine your professional interests in the field of special education.
Additionally, state specifically how having an electronic Resource Manual will help you in your career.
What knowledge have you gained in compiling the information and related artifacts?
How will you maintain and update your portfolio?
What are new ideas and topics in which you’d like to learn more?
With each question, provide an example and include support from the readings and Instructor Guidance from the various weeks within the entire course.
Guided Response: Review the posts of your classmates.
Respond to at least two peers by adding value to their ideas and suggestions regarding how having an electronic manual will assist you in your coursework and career.
Be sure to comment on how this activity has complemented or supported your current professional work.
Though two replies are the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and application of the material, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have made (including your Instructor) before the last day of the discussion period.
This will extend the conversation while providing opportunities to demonstrate your content expertise, critical thinking, and real work experiences with this topic.


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