1. First Read the case study and comment on the following. Case Study Two new associatedegree graduates were

1.) First
Read the case study and comment on the following.
Case Study
Two new associate-degree graduates were hired for the pediatric unit. Both worked three 12-hour shifts a week; Jan worked the day-to-evening shift and Rosemary worked the night shift. Whenever their shifts connected, they would compare notes on their experience. Jan felt she was learning rapidly, gaining clinical skills and beginning to feel at ease with her colleagues.
Rosemary, however, still felt unsure of herself and often isolated. There have been times that she was the only registered nurse on the unit all night. The aides and LPNs were very experienced, but Rosemary feels she is not ready for that kind of responsibility. Rosemary knows she must speak to the nurse manager about this, but shes called several times, and shes never available. The shift assignments are left in the staff lounge by an assistant.
Your discussion post should answer the following questions in a well-constructed commentary. Use references, in APA format, where appropriate.
To what extent is this problem due to a failure to
lead? Who has failed to act?
What style of leadership was displayed by Rosemary? The
nurse manager?
How effective was their leadership? What are your
suggestions for Rosemary?
2.) Second
Your discussion post is to answer this question: What do you think nursing contributes to health care? How can a robotic system incorporate the clinical judgment that nurses use? Be as creative as you wish!
If you can, listen to the following audio clip from National Nurses Uniteds Insist on a Registered Nurse campaign:


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